Cacao Ritual

I discovered the power of cacao on my journey to connect with my ancestral Mayan traditions as a form of resistance. In honor of that ancestry and the sacredness of those traditions, I choose not to call this a “cacao ceremony” because those ceremonies belong to the ancestors. What I offers is a ritual that is a blend of many spiritual traditions that have intersected and overlapped on my personal path.

Cacao Ritual

Cacao, the purest form of chocolate, is revered in Mayan traditions for its powerful ability to heal and open the heart, manifest desires, and create connection. It is a gift from nature that is connected to the heart chakra. When we are sad we reach for chocolate. When we are joyful we reach for chocolate. We offer it to others and ourselves as a means to show love. Now, in order to honor its original role as a facilitator and guide for our transformation and healing, we return to ritual.

During our time together, we create a sacred space for ourselves and each other, offer gratitude to the forces of nature within us and around us, and honor our ancestors and teachers. We drink a small dosage (1.5oz) of pure cacao (an espresso-strength hot chocolate), which can facilitate a calm and harmonious state, the release of negativity, and the connection to the flow of energy into and through the heart. We then may use meditation and heart-centered restorative yoga poses to more fully open and heal.

What Our Time Together Might Look Like (Sample Agenda)

  • Setting an Intention
  • Purification Ritual, Honoring our Ancestors, and Chanting
  • 30 Minute Meditation
  • One Hour Heart-opening Restorative Yoga Sequence or Deep Relaxation

What to bring:

  • Your journal and a pen to write down any insights from your journey
  • Any crystals or tools you like to connect with (jewelry, ancestral photos or belongings, a special blanket, essential oil, etc)
  • Dress in comfortable clothing that allows mobility

Note:  Those in recovery might choose to participate in the ritual without receiving the cacao or simply take a very small dosage (.5 to 1oz).

Upcoming Rituals: