Racial Healing

There is power in the collective, and I work as a group facilitator focused on racial healing to help bridge the racial divide and create conscious communities of “right” action, — action born from mindfulness and compassion.

Workshops and Retreats
I offer in-depth trainings, dialogue facilitation, and healing practices. Some workshops and are given on a one-time basis, while others, such as the HOPE retreat, is a longer multi-day event.  Unique programs can be developed based on the needs of each group or organization.


I distill years of knowledge and experience in sociology, law, and critical race theory into a practical and easy to understand curriculum, and use heart-centered and healing approaches to create a whole-body learning experience and heal from the harm of institutional racism and oppression. I focus on healing practices such as art and literature, body movement, meditation, and ritual while also presenting the practical information on the history and evolution of our country’s racial caste system.  These workshops focus on

  • Race, gender, identity, and intersectionality
  • Privilege and oppression
  • Cultivating compassion and understanding
  • Mindful communication
  • Awakening the social consciousness
  • Right action – policy and activism


Each individual’s development will positively impact the collective. These workshops are designed for adults and even young adults who would like to engage in peace building work in themselves, their families and community. The benefits to oneself and others are immeasurable, including a stronger sense of connection, peace, and empowerment.



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