Statement of Purpose

2017_rwjf_fli_cohl_staigers_florentina_10.jpgMy life purpose is to make the world a more just place and I do this by connecting healing and social justice. Inspired by Gandhi’s teaching to be the change we want to see in the world, I have developed my own credo: Look inward to create outward change.

I work as an independent advocate and policy consultant to cultivate peace, compassion, and justice. I help people navigate, understand and change, systems; facilitate dialogues and workshops; and guide healing rituals.

I do this work because it is what feeds my soul and makes me feel alive. I hope that others will see its value and consider supporting it through a donation.

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1 thought on “Statement of Purpose

  1. The HOPE Retreat – A very hands and heart approach to the topic of how to address systemic racism in our society. Effective sensitizing (not shaming) activities. I was particularly happy to learn words or phrases to help me talk about this topic with people I care about.

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