Book: Transformation and Flowers

“Transformation and Flowers: Poems as Practice” is a poetic interpretation of the teachings and practices of Vietnamese Buddhist monk, poet, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh. The collection of poems invites the reader to contemplate the beauty all around us and in our daily lives. It also offers simple practices to examine our relationship with the world and ourselves.

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Transformation and Flowers: Poems as Practice

(If you would like to add the pdf to your kindle, you can download it and then email it to your kindle. Click here for instructions. I recommend that you NOT convert it to a kindle .azw file, as it is not formatted for kindle.)


In the Buddhist tradition, we often offer dhana, or “gratitude” for the teachings. If this book of poems helps you or supports your practice in any way, please consider a donation to offer gratitude as well as help make it accessible to others.  It is my deep desire to provide these books free to people who are seeking healing, often at meditation centers or yoga studios, but especially at centers serving women who have experienced domestic violence and sexual trauma. Your contribution will support this intention and help it grow. $5 covers production costs of one book ($3.30 for printing and shipping + online transaction fees). However, if you feel more comfortable offering gratitude in another way, all forms of dhana are welcome, including adding comments to this webpage. If you would like to send a check or a note, or both, please check the last pages of the book for a mailing address.

Print Copies:
Available before and after scheduled classes at Swan River Yoga Community Center (7011 St. Claude, 7011 St Claude Ave 2nd Fl, #213, Arabi, LA 70032).

If you would like print copies mailed to you, I recommend ten or more copies. Contact me via the website form with the following information in the comments section:
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