HOPE Retreat (Healing Oppression and Practicing Equity)

8Z2A4566I facilitate a specialized program, called HOPE, Healing Oppression and Practicing Equity. HOPE, which is a fourteen-hour program, initially sponsored by an organization named Equity in All Places, aimed at helping individuals and communities unite in our common humanity while also recognizing, accepting, and celebrating each other’s differences. The program is grounded in the spirit and wisdom of our greatest teachers and activists such as Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou, Thich Nhat Hanh, Audre Lorde, James Baldwin, Rigoberta Menchu, Kahlil Gibran, etc. Participants will share their insights and experiences as a way to collectively heal from the harm and violence of institutional racism as well as other forms of oppression, such as, but not limited to, gender and sexual orientation.  We move toward a practice of equity in our thoughts, speech, and actions while integrating healing modalities, such as ritual, mindfulness, breathing exercises, mindful movement, dance, sound healing, art, and poetry. We also use an intersectional framework and heart-centered approach that is beneficial for young adults and adults alike, especially those who would like to engage in social justice/peace building work in the community.

Participants will:

  • Share their views, insights and experiences
  • Understand definitions related to race, gender, intersectionality, and equity
  • Heal and take responsibility for fostering healing in society, and advance equity in themselves and in the community
  • Celebrate and express their identity
  • Learn and practice mindful communication
  • Gain exposure to and practice different methods of healing, including ritual, mindfulness, breathing exercises, mindful movement, dance, sound healing, art, and poetry

Overview of Modules

1 – Reflecting on identity and privileges
2 – Connecting to our history: what is race and how it was constructed in the United States
3 – Understanding how history lives in the world today
4 – Shining the light on what we don’t see
5 – Finding freedom
6 – Practicing equity
7 – Equity in Action: Finding Our Role in Community Activism

Note: Registration will be limited to no more than 12-15 participants, but we need at least 8 participants to proceed with the retreat. A diverse representation of participants is encouraged. However, depending on the convening organization or institution this may not always be possible. The module materials may be modified to account for a specific group’s characteristics, needs, and/or special interests. The modules may also be spread out among a number of weeks or condensed into just a few days.

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