Healing Practices

35987578_10112185696872705_5587735027413680128_oMy path of healing has been centered on meditation, yoga, a mostly vegan diet, and connecting to my ancestral root traditions. All of these practices are about practice and ritual. The way we live and what we consume is ultimately who we become. To challenge systems, we must choose to engage with the sacred within ourselves and to build communities of peaceful resistance.

I offer rituals, healing practices, and workshops as an act of resistance, as a path to transform our lives, find balance and power, and take control of our body and health.

As a core member of the Order of Interbeing I have committed to the fourteen mindfulness trainings and building community in the Plum Village tradition. I am an active member and facilitator of the Mindfulness Community of Greater New Orleans which practices on Wednesday nights at the Mid-City Zen Center from 6:30 to 8:30. All donations go to the center.

I guide donation-based restorative yoga on Friday nights at 5:00 p.m. at Swan River Yoga Arabi Community Center. All donations go to the center.

Cacao Ritual

I discovered the power of cacao on my journey to connect with my ancestral Mayan traditions as a form of resistance. In honor of that ancestry and the sacredness of those traditions, I choose not to call this a “cacao ceremony” because those ceremonies belong to the ancestors. What I offers is a ritual that is a blend of many spiritual traditions that have intersected and overlapped on my personal path.

During our time together, we create a sacred space for ourselves and each other, offer gratitude to the forces of nature within us and around us, and honor our ancestors and teachers. We drink a small dosage (1.5oz) of pure cacao (an espresso-strength hot chocolate), which can facilitate a calm and harmonious state, the release of negativity, and the connection to the flow of energy into and through the heart. I sometimes also may use meditation and heart-centered restorative yoga poses to help you more fully open and heal.