About Me

Florentina Ramirez Staigers,
Individual Owner and Operator of Insight-Out 2017_rwjf_fli_cohl_staigers_florentina_05.jpgDevelopment, L3C

My background is in policy and law, advocacy, and organizational development. For nearly two decades, I have worked in a number of social justice fields including immigrants’ rights, women’s rights and civil rights. I studied race theory under jon powell in law school and have gone through several race and equity trainings, including The People’s Institute’s Undoing Racism workshops.

However, in 2008, I underwent a major life shift that has changed the way I work. At that time, I began a search for a higher purpose and meaning. During a challenging time in my personal life, I began attending therapy and support groups, reading spiritual teachings, and practicing meditation and yoga. This is when I began to see that in order to make the world a better place, I truly needed to invest in healing myself.

I quit my job, closed my accounts, gave away all my possessions, and said goodbye to my loved ones. I moved to Cameroon, Africa, where I lived for two years while I established a women’s rights organization and taught life skills to prisoners. I also focused on my other passion—writing. After my contract was over, I then traveled for almost a year across the world and through some of the poorest regions.

Along this journey, I experienced a kind of freedom I had never known was possible, and I made a commitment to myself – not only would I never give up this freedom, but I would help others find it too.



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